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* Add 960x544 MSAA 4x modeHEADmaster浅倉麗子2020-06-163-10/+94
* Refactor compile-time options浅倉麗子2020-06-133-20/+31
* Update readme浅倉麗子2020-06-131-5/+9
* Fix black video when using undub patchv1.0.1浅倉麗子2020-06-102-3/+10
* Update readme and code comments浅倉麗子2020-06-102-1/+5
* Add readmev1.0.0浅倉麗子2020-06-071-0/+54
* Fix pre-rendered video tearing in JP version浅倉麗子2020-06-071-11/+31
* Add support for all regional versions浅倉麗子2020-06-071-21/+64
* Remove unused buffer and increase backbuffers浅倉麗子2020-06-071-2/+5
* Fix perspective transform for 16:9 framebuffer浅倉麗子2020-06-071-2/+5
* Add support for 1920x1080浅倉麗子2020-06-032-4/+23
* Initial commit浅倉麗子2020-06-025-0/+1009