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[Download binary](https://forum.devchroma.nl/index.php/topic,193.0.html) | [Report bugs](https://github.com/cuevavirus/hdpatch/issues) | [Source code](https://git.shotatoshounenwachigau.moe/vita/p4goldenhd/)
-This patch changes the 3D render and framebuffer resolutions of Persona 4 Golden on the Vita and PSTV to 1920x1080 or 1280x720. 1920x1080 can be output to HDMI, 1280x720 can be output to HDMI or USB ([udcd-uvc](https://github.com/xerpi/vita-udcd-uvc)), or Vita users can enjoy a supersampled image directly on the screen.
+This patch provides two rendering modes for Persona 4 Golden on the Vita and PSTV:
+1. 1920x1080
+2. 1280x720
Preview images (1920x1080): [1](https://git.shotatoshounenwachigau.moe/vita/p4goldenhd/plain/preview1.png?h=assets) [2](https://git.shotatoshounenwachigau.moe/vita/p4goldenhd/plain/preview2.png?h=assets) [3](https://git.shotatoshounenwachigau.moe/vita/p4goldenhd/plain/preview3.png?h=assets) [4](https://git.shotatoshounenwachigau.moe/vita/p4goldenhd/plain/preview4.png?h=assets)
## Installation
1. Install Persona 4 Golden and install the latest update, if available.
-2. Install the latest version of [Sharpscale](https://forum.devchroma.nl/index.php/topic,112.0.html) and the configuration app.
-3. Turn on "Enable Full HD" in the Sharpscale configuration app.
-4. Install `p4goldenhd.suprx` under the appropriate title ID in your taiHEN config.
+2. Install [Sharpscale](https://forum.devchroma.nl/index.php/topic,112.0.html) and turn on "Unlock framebuffer size" in the configuration app.
+3. Install `p4goldenhd.suprx` under the appropriate title ID in your taiHEN config.
- `PCSG00004` Japan
- `PCSG00563` Japan (reprint)
- `PCSE00120` North America
- - `PCSB00245` Europe and Australia
+ - `PCSB00245` Europe
- `PCSH00021` Asia
For example,
@@ -25,6 +27,8 @@ For example,
+If you are using a Vita, you can use [udcd-uvc](https://github.com/xerpi/vita-udcd-uvc) to output 1280x720 by USB.
## Performance
Overclocking is required for good performance. With 1920x1080, framerate ranges between 20-30 FPS, with 25-30 FPS in all but the most graphically intensive areas. With 1280x720, framerate is 30 FPS.